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A Smartphone You Can Serve Sushi On

Have you heard of the Samsung Galaxy Note II? Did you know that the number two has a close brother of the name THREE?! Has it ever occurred to you that the Romans thought the letter ‘I’ was so freaking bad*** that they stuck a whole bunch of them together?!? If you can tell where […]

WayOfTheRonin !=”1 of honour”

Or, “The way of the ronin is not one of honour” I am late to the game, but it would seem that my mind has finally wringed its grubby hands around good friend JavaScript. For those not in the feudal-Japan-know, a ronin was essentially what you’d call a samurai without a master or instructor. As […]

“But really, you know, about that…”

(That’s not actually a quote, I just put quotation marks around a sentence.) Part II! So that last post was me being particularly endearing. Common floppy disks measured 3.5 inches / 8.9 centimetres and housed 1.44 megabytes. Now, a micro SD card the size of your pinky-fingernail can happily carry 32000 megabytes. Good stuff. Just […]

Dear technology

You are more than about as awesome and welcome in this world as free, cool looking hats. You are like walking through a park and finding a five dollar note and being told to keep it when you ask if people have dropped it and then giving it to a fund raising kid to get Caramello Koalas […]