“But really, you know, about that…”

(That’s not actually a quote, I just put quotation marks around a sentence.)

Part II! So that last post was me being particularly endearing.

Common floppy disks measured 3.5 inches / 8.9 centimetres and housed 1.44 megabytes. Now, a micro SD card the size of your pinky-fingernail can happily carry 32000 megabytes. Good stuff. Just don’t drop it in a haystack. That would be like finding a 32GB micro SD card in a haystack. Mhm.

Floppy disk stack

Of course, the deafening march of technology has its issues. How many of you have been short-strawed before by Apple releasing a new iPod? You know how it goes- a new model with double the capacity comes out for the same price as the inferior song stick you bought a week ago. Short of a 21st century prophet with an uncanny taste for tech, such trends will only continue.

The constant push is felt even more with desktop computers. If you empty your wallet for a processor or graphics card, odds are that by the time you install the piece there’ll be something newer. That $5000 “Monster” computer rig you bought four years ago? Your friend’s hairdresser’s car mechanic’s friend’s friend’s eleven year old neice’s little laptop laughs at it. Cackles.

Buying tech when you think you’ve “waited long enough” will still leave you in the dust. Unfortunately for us life-bound consumers, technology’s evolution will always continue beyond our name on a gravestone. My advice is to buy when you have the need and the budget. Spread out your purchases for the long term, upgrading every five, ten or fifteen years depending on the product, or again- when you need to.

Still, aren’t you happy knowing that concerns such as “One day, mobile phones will fit in your pocket,” or “Why can’t the computer do all my work FOR me? And make me cheeseburgers!” end up getting stepped over?

Thanks, technology!

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