Dear technology

You are more than about as awesome and welcome in this world as free, cool looking hats. You are like walking through a park and finding a five dollar note and being told to keep it when you ask if people have dropped it and then giving it to a fund raising kid to get Caramello Koalas but in a way that has to do with technology being good. I would say that you are as great to use as computers but I’m afraid of triggering a simile paradox.

Storm troopers installing ram

We’ve all watched you grow up and you never seem to stop! You’re always getting faster, friendlier and attractiverer! Whenever you get bigger/smaller and better, you never ask anything of us either. The advancement of technology (that’s you!) comes with a beautiful price tag of zero. What we pay for you today will bestow upon us yesterday’s latest and greatest. Familiar prices grant the wonders of tomorrow.

Gigabytes! Gigahertz! Gigantic screens! Always more, you give us- rarely more, you ask for.

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