WayOfTheRonin !=”1 of honour”

Or, “The way of the ronin is not one of honour”

I am late to the game, but it would seem that my mind has finally wringed its grubby hands around good friend JavaScript. For those not in the feudal-Japan-know, a ronin was essentially what you’d call a samurai without a master or instructor. As such, these ronin would go about their indy rebel ways, forging their own ideals without the traditions of samurai honour and etcetera.

Actually, I just made that up- ronin were more accurately ex-samurai who lost their previous masters. But as my fictional version, it’s a good metaphor for my self-taught, wonky and unguided JavaScript ways. Ways in which are not recommended, obligatory in any sense, or really that proper. So without further a Jew, this is how I teach myself JavaScript:

Click here to chomp!

Uh, yeah…

P.S. This is more accurately jQuery.

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  • Well, aren’t you the talented indy rebel one :) Your JavaScript know-how exceeds your years, Ron-san.

  • Adieu

    A Jew? Do you mean adieu?

  • Ron