A Smartphone You Can Serve Sushi On

Have you heard of the Samsung Galaxy Note II? Did you know that the number two has a close brother of the name THREE?! Has it ever occurred to you that the Romans thought the letter ‘I’ was so freaking bad*** that they stuck a whole bunch of them together?!? If you can tell where I’m going with this, read on.

With reports that the Galaxy Note III will measure a pocket-devastating 6.3 inches diagonally, I’ve been wondering how the phabletty dimensions would look in person. After all, it wasn’t until I laid eyes on the original Note in person that I realised how truly well endowed it was. The owner of said device was a complete stranger, but the most appropriate thing I felt to do back then was yell “IT’S HUUUUUGE!” in his face.

(I’m using inches, but only because that’s what more of the internet is using with the phone)

They’ve since slapped another inch on the device, so surely I’d have at least several more vowels when I say “HUUUUUGE” right? Let’s find out, folks!

Based on the Note II’s listed size of 5.5 inches (diagonal), the ratio between itself and the 6.3 inch Note III would be 1 to 1.145. If we assume that the aspect ratio will still be the same, then the Note II’s 80.5mm width and 151.1mm height would translate to:

9.22 cm x 17.30 cm (3.63 in x 6.81 in)

Samsung Galaxy Note III Dimensions to scale for 96dpi screens

If you’re on a phone, tablet, laptop, Mac or TV- this is definitely not to scale!

There we have it. Your brand new, colossally pants breaking phone later this year will stand taller than your average kitten.

It’s time to take… acknowledgement… of a few things though. Firstly, the final design for all intents and porpoises could be anything from 4.8 inches to 7; we’re just humouring and rumouring what we’ve heard so far. Second thing to… acknowledge, as I said earlier- I’m just making those calculations with the same aspect ratio. It will probably be a bit wider than 9.22cm and a tad shorter than 17.3cm. Next- yes, the mock-up is only for 96dpi screens. It’s the most common dpi value so that’s what I chose.

Lastly, I’m not quite sure what measurements are correct or not, or whether some measurements only pertain to the screen. The 5.5 inch measurement definitely isn’t based on the officially listed dimensions. If you asked Pythagoras, he’d angrily tell you that the diagonal length based on 80.5mm width and 151.1mm height would be 171.2mm, or 6.7 inches. So we’re probably using mismatched numbers.

Either way though, that already looks like a massively worthy massive slab to cut cheese on. Make a mental… acknowledgement, friends. This thing is HUUUUUUUUUGE!!!

WayOfTheRonin !=”1 of honour”

Or, “The way of the ronin is not one of honour”

I am late to the game, but it would seem that my mind has finally wringed its grubby hands around good friend JavaScript. For those not in the feudal-Japan-know, a ronin was essentially what you’d call a samurai without a master or instructor. As such, these ronin would go about their indy rebel ways, forging their own ideals without the traditions of samurai honour and etcetera.

Well, kind of anyway…

You won’t believe your brains

I’ve just conducted a critically radical experiment with life changing results. In a series of edge-of-your-seat events that are so exciting I won’t even tell you about them, I’ve breached the barrier of one of mankind and science’s greatest collective mysteries.

Which falls faster?


You will be freaking surprised, shocked and absolutely express something like “I am amazed.”

Unbelievable findings, after this link!

“But really, you know, about that…”

(That’s not actually a quote, I just put quotation marks around a sentence.)

Part II! So that last post was me being particularly endearing.

Common floppy disks measured 3.5 inches / 8.9 centimetres and housed 1.44 megabytes. Now, a micro SD card the size of your pinky-fingernail can happily carry 32000 megabytes. Good stuff. Just don’t drop it in a haystack. That would be like finding a 32GB micro SD card in a haystack. Mhm.

Floppy disk stack

But it’s not totally, completely, always cool

Dear technology

You are more than about as awesome and welcome in this world as free, cool looking hats. You are like walking through a park and finding a five dollar note and being told to keep it when you ask if people have dropped it and then giving it to a fund raising kid to get Caramello Koalas but in a way that has to do with technology being good. I would say that you are as great to use as computers but I’m afraid of triggering a simile paradox.

Storm troopers installing ram

It’s pretty cool!

To: Navigator

I get that feeling

When we’re apart

I get the teaching that I can’t be without you

Without you babu

– Captain

Hello world!

I’ve always liked this post for being so friendly that I can’t bring myself to get rid of it.